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Experience reliable and efficient biohazard cleanup with PuroClean. Our expert team will take care of your property from start to finish, saving you money and providing you with peace of mind. With 24/7 service, we are there for you every step of the way—from the initial damage assessment to the final walkthrough—ensuring your satisfaction. Join our trusted network of satisfied insurance professionals, home service providers, property managers, and property owners and discover why we are Canada’s go-to choice for biohazard cleanup.


Our biohazard cleaning technicians treat every affected area and item professionally and respectfully, as if it were our own.


PuroClean uses proven products approved by Health Canada to provide protection and prevent contamination and reduce the risk of spreading dangerous pathogens.

Biohazard removal


We understand the trauma you and your loved ones may be facing. PuroClean rescues properties with compassion and care.

Cleaning System

PuroClean RapidDefense™ is an innovative procedure used to sanitize public areas the most effective way possible.

Biohazard Removal Services

When it comes to dealing with biohazardous materials, working with a team of trained professionals equipped to handle the situation safely is a priority. With our biohazard cleanup services, we have the expertise and experience needed to clean, sanitize, and dispose of any hazardous materials. Whether it’s the aftermath of a crime scene, an accident involving bodily fluids, or any other dangerous situation, we’re here to help. Our certified professionals understand the sensitive and often emotional nature of these situations and work quickly to provide our clients with a clean and safe environment.

Our Biohazard Removal Services Include:

  • Blood and Body Fluid Remediation. We specialize in the safe and thorough cleanup and remediation of blood and body fluids. This promotes a sanitized and secure environment.
  • Virus Decontamination and Protection. We use advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to decontaminate spaces from harmful viruses. 
  • Sewage Cleanup and Sanitation. Our highly trained professionals handle sewage cleanup with precision and care. We implement rigorous sanitation protocols to restore affected areas to a safe and hygienic state.
  • Deodourization and Odour Control. In addition to cleanup, we tackle unpleasant odours by utilizing specialized deodourization methods. 
  • Crime Scene Cleanup. In sensitive situations, our team handles cleanup with empathy and expertise.
  • Hoarding Cleanup. Our team follows procedures to declutter and clean the affected space for hoarding cases. We provide support and solutions for those dealing with hoarding challenges.

*Biohazard services are not offered by all PuroClean offices.

The Biohazard Removal Process

The PuroClean biohazard cleanup procedure is a meticulous and comprehensive process to restore an affected area to its pre-loss condition while prioritizing containment and safety measures. Our team begins by swiftly containing the situation to halt any further damage, ensuring that the situation is under control.

With utmost respect and compassion, our experts work diligently to restore the property to a state resembling its pre-loss condition. This involves the careful removal of potentially infectious materials from the site. We strictly adhere to all federal and provincial regulations concerning hazardous medical waste. The hazardous waste is then appropriately processed and sent to a licensed hazardous medical waste incinerator, adhering to all safety guidelines and protocols.

Subsequently, our technicians focus on removing porous materials like fabric and carpeting in alignment with industry standards. This careful approach eliminates any potential risks and ensures a thorough cleanup process.

Our technicians undertake the appropriate actions with materials that aren’t categorized as hazardous medical waste. This may involve removing, decontaminating, or sanitizing the affected materials, ensuring a comprehensive and safe cleanup process. As a final step, our experts may seal remaining materials like drywall and flooring for aesthetic reasons. This provides a finishing touch to the restoration process and leaves the property in a state that is as close to its original appearance as possible. Our dedication and attention to detail throughout the process underline our commitment to achieving the highest standards of cleanliness and safety for our clients.