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PuroClean, a leader in property emergency services, helps families and businesses overcome the devastating setbacks caused by water, fire, mold and other conditions resulting in property damage. Each of our independently owned franchises pledge to do whatever it takes to respond, restore and rescue properties in all of the communities we serve.


This Dramatic Biohazard, Water and Mould Remediation Is a Real Page-Turner

As Pat first entered the residence, he was amazed at the level of complete damage. Mould covered the floors, walls and ceilings throughout all of the structures’ levels. The drywall from the ceilings collapsed in large areas, due to the weight of the untold gallons of water. The engineered hardwood floor was thoroughly saturated and delaminated. Mushrooms were growing happily in the living room area rug.

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Emergency Response Biohazard Cleanup in Red Deer

This type of job is obviously challenging in many ways but PuroClean prides itself on our technicians’ ability to really be there for those left to cope with such a traumatic and delicate situation.  We listen to how they feel.  We learn about the departed through the memories and stories

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Empathy and Attention to Detail During Reconstruction Provided Hope

Over a six-month period, Depot and his team worked to first remediate the water and fire damage, then to reconstruct the house into a brand new home. The tear-out process allowed them to examine all internal and external damage to establish a new foundation and to accurately estimate finances. They salvaged as many contents as possible, demolished where necessary, and removed debris.

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Planning and Teamwork Help Residents Recover from Historic Wildfires

While most of PuroClean’s services involve a need for immediate action, fires present the alternative. PuroClean franchise owners must wait until the fire is out, the timing of which is always an unknown. One of the harshest fires PuroClean has worked on in recent years was the Fort McMurray fire

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PuroClean Responds to Over 2,500 Properties Following the May 4th Windstorm

PuroClean’s response to severe, back-to-back weather events in the spring of 2018 was a true success, which demonstrated how our Franchise Owners can rise to the occasion in times of catastrophe. Insurance companies, brokers, agents and property owners alike were pleased with our teams’ diligence and persistence in getting customers lives back to normal quickly, following the far-reaching effects of both the April storm and the rarer still wind event on May 4th which cost insurers $380 million in Ontario.

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