Although most of us can’t imagine life without gasoline, failing to use it cautiously can result in fires, injuries or other disasters. Gasoline is highly flammable and should be stored only in safe and approved containers where fire can’t reach it. Below are a number of essential safety tips for handling gasoline:

  • Gasoline should be stored in a container of about 20 liters designed for that purpose. The container should be sealed tightly to avoid spills.
  • Gasoline must be handled outdoors, in a ventilated area. Containers should be placed on flat ground before filling them up.
  • Minor spills must be cleaned up immediately with rags, paper or sawdust. The clean-up materials should be discarded only into a safe container, and NOT into toilets, drains, sewers or garbage disposals.
  • For larger spills, individuals can ask their local government or hazardous waste disposal center about the safest way to dispose of spilled gasoline.
  • Gasoline should never be stored in non-reusable plastic containers or glass containers.
  • Containers ought to be kept at room temperature, if possible. If a container is completely filled, which should be avoided, gasoline will expand at high temperature and possibly cause a fire.
  • Gasoline tanks should be kept outside the home, in a detached garage or lawn shed.
  • Gasoline must be kept at a safe distance (at least 15 meters) from heat sources, such as the sun, space heater, electrical generator, furnace or other devices.
  • When using gas-fueled machinery, such as lawn mower or electrical generator, individuals must wait for these machines to cool off before refueling with gasoline.
  • Gasoline must be used only as a motor fuel and never as a cleaning agent or as fuel for kerosene heaters or lamps. Gasoline must never be mixed with kerosene or diesel.
  • Individuals should never smoke or ignite flames when handling gasoline.
  • Children should not be allowed to handle gasoline.

Gasoline is one type of fuel that electrical generators use. This article provides important tips on how to use electrical generators safely. The PuroClean team stands ready to provide professional restoration services to any property affected by fire, water or mould damage.

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