In a typical home you can find several hundreds of toxins that can be harmful to our health. We can all take steps to reduce their impact on our wellbeing. Here are a few simple and effective ways:

  • Using safer cleaners. Many commercial cleaning products can be replaced with safer, greener ones. White vinegar, baking soda, castile soap, washing soda, and essential oils are all efficient, non-toxic cleaners.

  • Refreshing the air. Indoor air is 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. Synthetic air fresheners should be avoided, and the air in the home should be refreshed by opening the windows. Air conditioning ducts must be cleaned on a regular basis, using non-toxic products. Many indoor plants also help keep the air clean.

  • Removing shoes before entering the home. Most of the dirt in a home is tracked in by shoes. Dirt often includes harmful substances such as pesticides and lead. It’s recommended to store shoes in the garage or an entryway cabinet.

  • Removing dust. All furniture should be dusted using a microfiber cloth. A HEPA vacuum cleaner is preferable to conventional ones. Floors should be mopped weekly.

  • Preventing mould growth. Keeping moisture levels to a minimum helps stop the growth of mould and mildew. The areas where mould most commonly grows (bathroom, kitchen and basement) should be monitored.

  • Purifying the water. Tap water should be filtered to eliminate toxins by using a carbon filter (pitcher, faucet-mount or dispenser). A showerhead filter is recommended to remove chlorine and other potentially harmful chemicals.

  • Monitoring CO levels. A certified CO detector should be used to check the home for carbon monoxide leaks in furnaces and other home appliances.

  • Reducing the usage of plastics. Most plastics contain the toxic compound Bisphenol A, a hormone disruptor. it’s recommended to choose products that are BPA-free especially when it comes to food containers or baby bottles. Plastic containers should not be used in the microwave.

  • Choosing personal care products wisely. Many toiletries, cosmetics and other personal care products are loaded with toxins, such as parabens, phthalates and many others. The alternatives made with natural ingredients are preferable.

Even small changes can have a big impact on our long-term health. Ask your local PuroClean office about mould remediation, deodorization, and other services to purify a home’s environment. 

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