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Do I Need a Property Damage Restoration Company?

Do I Need a Property Damage Restoration Company?

When a property owner experiences property damage, such as mould growth, fire and smoke damage, water damage, or any disaster, it can be difficult to know where to start with the restoration process. There are several factors to consider, including the extent of the damage, the available insurance coverage, and the resources available to the property owner. 

Many residential and commercial property owners might want to take on post-damage cleanup to cut costs. However, a lack of professional expertise and using improper equipment can often lead to more property damage; a do-it-yourself approach doesn’t guarantee that restoration efforts will go according to plan. Moreover, some affected businesses are required to request professional help before reopening. 

In what cases might you need to hire a restoration company?

The Extent of the Damage is Beyond What the Property Owner Can Handle on Their Own

Some jobs are too big for a regular property owner.

Many properties are structurally compromised after a property disaster, with extensive mould growth, soot, or even storm damage from a flood. Professional restoration services can ensure residential or commercial structures are returned to their pre-loss condition.

A reputable restoration company will offer emergency response services for their clients and can arrive at a site within hours of being called. They can provide expertise in mould cleanup, water damage restoration, fire and smoke restoration, and many other remediation services while ensuring any property they’re working on is in good, skilled hands. 

The Insurance Coverage Does Not Cover All the Costs Associated with Restoring the Property

Certain insurance companies might not cover all property damage.

Even if a property owner has insurance coverage for damages, some policies don’t cover the total restoration costs, leaving the property owner with an enormous financial burden to take on to get their home or business back up and running.

In these cases, professional restoration companies can greatly help the job. They often have years of experience dealing with insurance companies and know how to navigate through the complex paperwork and red tape that often comes with filing a claim. Additionally, they can provide an estimate for services likely approved by the insurance company, as opposed to an estimate from the property owner that can be inflated or inaccurate.

The Property Owner’s Resources Are Insufficient to Complete a Successful Restoration Project

Restoration technicians are certified to handle all types of property damage.

Companies that offer commercial and residential restoration services have access to high-quality machines and supplies that can be essential in repairing the damage done to a property. This equipment can be expensive and difficult for property owners to acquire, especially if they don’t have prior experience in the property damage restoration field.

In some cases, insurance companies may even require hiring a company to do repair work. Many companies require commercial properties affected by fire or smoke damage to undergo professional remediation before reopening. 

There are various reasons a property owner might need to call a restoration company to assess and restore their property damage. Whether it’s insufficient knowledge about the cleanup needs or an insurance issue, professional property restoration services are always available to help. If you need damage remediation, be sure to do your research before settling on the right company for the job. 

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