Air pollution dos not just happen outside, but it can occur inside a home or business as well. In fact, indoor air is routinely 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. What’s more, it’s estimated that the average person spends 90% of his or her time indoors, which means the quality of indoor air should never be ignored. Here is a list of tips to improve indoor air quality:

1. Large floor mats at every door can help trap the amount of dirt, lead and other chemicals brought in from the outside.

2. Carpets should be vacuumed at least twice a week using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to reduce the amount of dust mites, lead and other toxins.

3. Floors should be cleaned with microfiber mops and plain water to capture the dust and allergens that vacuuming leaves behind.

4. Smokers must not smoke inside. Cigarette smoke produces particles that will be absorbed in almost any material in the home and are very difficult to remove.

5. Strong-smelling cleaning products that can irritate the respiratory system should be avoided. Safer products like regular soap, vinegar or baking soda are recommended.

6. High moisture levels should be avoided in order to prevent mould growth. Dehumidifiers can help maintain humidity at 40% throughout the house.

7. Products that contain formaldehyde, such as high-VOC paints and certain wood furniture product, should be avoided.

8. HEPA air filters will help cut down on the toxins that pollute the interior.

9. It’s recommended to hire a professional company to clean duct systems that contains mould, debris or other contaminants.

10. Radon tests should be performed at every residence. Radon is a lethal gas that forms in the soil and rock underneath the foundation.

By following these tips, the health risks associated with polluted indoor air can be reduced considerably. For professional odor removal and mould remediation services, call your local PuroClean office.