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October 27, 2021

Water Damage Restoration & Mould Removal in Sarnia

Water Damage & Mould Remediation Services in Sarnia We are an industry front running organization specializing in property emergency services

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Fire Restoration July 16, 2020

Tips to Prevent Dishwasher Fires

Although a dishwasher fire is not the most common appliance-related fires, it can still occur due to poor maintenance, improper

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Water Restoration July 9, 2020

5 Common Types of Flooding Explained

Being the most widespread natural disasters, floods cause billions of dollars’ worth of damage each year. Since floods can damage

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Fire Restoration July 2, 2020

Lithium-Ion Battery Safety Guidelines to Know

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are a common type of rechargeable batteries used in laptops, phones, and more. Although Li-ion batteries are an amazing invention, they can overheat because they pack a large amount of energy in a small amount of space.

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AC mould removal

How to Get Rid of Mould in Air Conditioning Ducts

Mould can live on many kinds of surfaces in a home. It can be seen on walls and ceilings, but it can also make its way into the AC duct system.

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How to Eliminate Musty Odours from Water Damaged Properties

If a property has experienced water damage and all repairs were taken care of, but the place still has a musty odour, it is most likely the result of mould.

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