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PuroClean Canada Announces Complimentary Cleaning Services for First Responders Across Seven Provinces

PuroClean Canada Announces Complimentary Cleaning Services  for First Responders Across Seven Provinces

‘PuroClean Goodwill Initiative’ Offers Pro-Bono Support to Those on the Front Line Serving their Local Communities

Mississauga, ON – (May 11, 2020) – As much of North America continues to shelter in place, and many begin evaluating plans for establishing a new normal, first responders are facing elevated risk with many unique challenges.  As a way of thanking those on the front lines for their dedication and service, PuroClean Canada, a restoration and remediation franchise location with 39 offices in seven provinces, today announced that all offices will provide free cleaning services to first responders.  Complimentary services being offered will include the deep cleaning of breakrooms, bathrooms, vehicles, vending machines, doorknobs, and other frequent touchpoints at police or fire stations, hospitals, medical clinics, and beyond. 

“Service and leadership are pillars of PuroClean’s values, and those values are reflected in those working tirelessly to limit the survival of the virus,” said Gordon Gamble, chairman and CEO of PuroClean Canada. “We are humbled to be able to offer pro-bono service to our first responders and non-profit organizations within Canada during such challenging times.”

PuroClean’s biohazard cleanup services are aimed at limiting the survival of the virus in commercial and residential environments and helping prevent its spread. For the protection of both employees and customers, all trained technicians wear properly appointed personal protective equipment (PPE) and ensure those on-site are informed of safety procedures at all times. Using the two-tiered PuroClean RapidDefense™ system, cleaning services provide deep mitigation cleaning to reduce the further spread of pathogens. These cleaning services utilize Health Canada registered disinfectants approved by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to clean and eliminate germs from spots most likely to be contaminated by viruses, including shared electronics, vehicles, and common areas.

PuroClean is also proud to offer as a preferred vendor an added layer of protection – the AEGIS Microbial Shield. The Shield imparts durable, broad-spectrum, antimicrobial protection to existing non-food contact building surfaces to control and/or prevent microbial growth. Study after study has demonstrated that the application of the AEGIS Microbial Shield reduces the amount of microbial contamination by 99.9%. The Shield is not a disinfectant – it is an antimicrobial surface treatment that makes surfaces inhospitable for pathogens. Using nanotechnology, the Shield creates a bed of spikes that can puncture the cell wall of microbes that are deposited via air or touch. This added layer of protection ensures that you are doing all you can to protect your employees and customers.

To receive details on the complementary services being offered and determine if they qualify, members of the community should visit or call (877) 261-7876. In addition to front line medical employees and first responders, PuroClean Canada is extending this initiative to select non-profit organizations, as well.

“We’re grateful for the dedication and hard work those on the front lines serving our communities in the face of our incredible challenges. We are committed to doing all that we can to show appreciation and provide them peace of mind while they do their work,” said Jason Reis, President of PuroClean Canada. “The PuroClean family is comprised of franchise owners who want to make peoples’ lives better, and this is just another example of the relentless excellent service they provide on a daily basis.”

PuroClean is a leading franchise restoration company. Each year, PuroClean performs thousands of jobs throughout the United States and Canada, providing restoration services from common to large-scale disasters. Over the years, PuroClean has upheld a strong philanthropic mission in helping charitable organizations within local communities.