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PuroClean Canada Announced as EcoClaim’s First Nationwide Certified Firm.

PuroClean Canada Announced as EcoClaim’s First Nationwide Certified Firm.

June 17th, (Mississauga, ON) – PuroClean Canada is thrilled to announce its designation as EcoClaim’s first nationwide certified firm. This recognition underscores PuroClean’s commitment to environmental stewardship and exceptional service in the restoration industry.

EcoClaim, renowned for its rigorous standards in environmental claims management, recognizes firms that exemplify excellence in sustainable practices and environmental responsibility. PuroClean Canada’s certification is a testament to the company’s dedication to eco-friendly restoration solutions, reducing environmental impact, and upholding the highest industry standards.

“Being named EcoClaim’s first nationally certified firm is a significant milestone for PuroClean Canada,” said Jason Reis, President and COO, of PuroClean Canada. “Our aim is to be recognized as a responsible and forward-thinking contractor. Our commitment to sustainable practices and minimizing the environmental impact of construction activities enhances our competitiveness and aligns with the values of our clients, ensuring long-term success for our organization. This commitment extends beyond our corporate office. We are thrilled to have all our locations committed to this program.”

The certification process involved a comprehensive evaluation of PuroClean Canada’s operations, including its use of sustainable materials, waste reduction strategies, energy efficiency, and adherence to environmental regulations. By providing practical solutions and advanced training, EcoClaim assists clients in meeting regulatory emissions reporting requirements, demonstrating climate leadership and creating a pathway to reduce Scope 3 emissions and support progress towards net zero. Aligning with the growing expectations of environmentally conscious clients, governments and stakeholders.

“We are excited to partner with EcoClaim and continue our journey towards a greener future,” added Jenny Noble, Director of Operations, of PuroClean Canada. “Our team’s dedication to sustainable practices not only benefits the environment but also enhances the quality and reliability of our services for our clients.”

To read more on the announcement, visit Insurance Business Magazine Canada, for the full story.

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PuroClean is a leading commercial and residential restoration franchising company. Founded in 2001, the company offers fire and water cleanup and restoration services, mould mitigation and remediation, and biohazard cleanup and removal throughout the United States and Canada through its franchise network of over 400 offices. Learn more.

About EcoClaim

EcoClaim™ is an end-to-end solution insurers can use to measure, verify, and reduce greenhouse gas (GhG) emissions throughout their supply chains. We provide services in three main areas: training and certification, GhG management software, and carbon exchange. Using EcoClaim’s™ comprehensive services, insurers and their vendors can become climate leaders — adopting lower-carbon practices including across the supply chain, measuring and tracking avoided GhG emissions, complying with regulatory disclosure requirements, and achieving net zero targets.