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Dirty ducts can cause a rise in energy bills, aggravate existing health issues and harbour dangerous contaminants that could compromise your air quality.
You don’t have to look too closely to see that your ducts are dirty. If they appear dirty, they probably are and you should have them cleaned by a professional.
Ignoring dirty air ducts can also make your cooling and ventilation system work harder and decrease its life span.
Did you know that up to 18 kilograms of dust is created annually in a typical six-room home? Using the clothes dryer also causes lint to accumulate on dryer vents.
We recommend air duct and vent cleaning every three to five years to minimize the amount of dust and improve air quality in your home.

PuroClean Air Duct and Vent Cleaning Services:

  • Inspect & consult on the status of your system
  • Vacuum the system with Rotobrush® technology
  • Clean, sanitize, deodorize, and encapsulate duct systems where needed
  • Inspect and dry the system where applicable
  • Repair and replace damaged ducting*
  • Sanitize or encapsulate duct system for odour control
  • Wash register covers & cold air grates
  • Vacuum duct system

*Services vary from office to office

A prompt response using the

PuroClean QuickDry System™ can save


on water damage claim costs.

Expert Restoration Service

The PuroClean restoration experts are certified and highly experienced in using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to restore damaged properties.

PuroClean sends a complete estimate with an inventory of damaged items to your insurance professional within 24-48 hours.

Success Story

PuroClean Responds to Over 2,500 Properties Following the May 4th Windstorm

PuroClean’s response to severe, back-to-back weather events in the spring of 2018 was a true success, which demonstrated how our Franchise Owners can rise to the occasion in times of catastrophe. Insurance companies, brokers, agents and property owners alike were pleased with our teams’ diligence and persistence in getting customers lives back to normal quickly, following the far-reaching effects of both the April storm and the rarer still wind event on May 4th which cost insurers $380 million in Ontario.

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PuroClean did an excellent job of cleaning my garage and porch of carbon caused by environmental work being done on my property. They were courteous, efficient and I can highly recommend them.

Toronto, ON

PuroClean came right away to the rescue! Explained things so I can understand and went to work. Very impressed with this team.

Sherwood Park, AB