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Meet the Team

PuroClean, a leader in property emergency services, helps families and businesses overcome the devastating setbacks caused by water, fire, mould and other conditions resulting in property damage.

Meet the Team
Thao PuroClean

Thao Ta

Co-owner / Operations Manager
Thao has over 5 years of experience in coordinating and operation roles. She is a graduate of Fine Art, which has honed her skills in attention to detail, allowing her to be meticulous in her work and ensuring that everything is done to the highest standards.
With background in fine arts, she is extremely detail-oriented and passionate about interior design. Thao enjoys utilizing her creativity to come up with innovative ways of organizing office spaces in Richmond, BC. She always striving to enhance functionality and aesthetics.
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Steve Sym

Steve Sym

With 25+ years of experience, Steve has numerous certifications and expertise in the restoration industry. His knowledge covers water damage restoration, structural drying, upholstery and fabric drying, and carpet cleaning. Steve has served as a carpet cleaner, supervisor, project manager, and fire/smoke damage restorer. His extensive experience allows him to provide exceptional restoration services and skillfully oversee projects from start to finish.
Living in the area of Richmond, BC, Steve enjoys exploring the many waterways in the region and is an avid salmon fisherman. He also loves to challenge himself on the golf course and is a regular participant in local golf tournaments. Steve's enthusiasm for outdoor hobbies is reflected in his commitment to providing excellent service to his clients, ensuring they can quickly return to their homes and enjoy their own hobbies and recreational pursuits.
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Ricardo Bantog

Marketing and Business Development
Ricardo Bantog is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in the fields of marketing and business development. With a passion for sales and marketing, Ricardo has honed his expertise through years of hands-on experience in various industries. His strategic thinking, creativity, and strong interpersonal skills have enabled him to drive successful marketing campaigns and forge fruitful partnerships.

Carl Rivera

Marketing and Business Development
Sales and Marketing: Based in Richmond, BC, Carl has extensive experience in sales and marketing, with a focus on developing effective marketing strategies for the restoration industry. Carl, who lives in the Steveston neighborhood of Richmond, BC, enjoys taking his family for weekend getaways and documenting the growth and changes of his two children.
Carl, who lives in the Steveston neighborhood of Richmond, BC, enjoys taking his family for weekend getaways and documenting the growth and changes of his two children.
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Cober Qi

Lead Supervisor Water Technician
Cober Qi has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, specializing in water damage restoration (WTR). Introduced to restoration in 2005, he has remained committed to delivering top-notch restoration services throughout his career. When he's not immersed in his restoration work, Cober indulges in his passion for long-distance cycling trips and photography, using his lens to preserve the breathtaking charm of Richmond, BC's picturesque landscapes.
In his spare time, Cober enjoys going on long-distance cycling trips and taking photographs, capturing the beauty of Richmond, BC's scenic landscapes.
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Bryan Rivera

Lead Water technician
Bryan, with 15 years of experience in the construction industry, has successfully transitioned into the restoration industry. He holds certifications in water damage restoration (WTR) and brings a unique blend of expertise and creativity to his work.
Aside from his professional accomplishments, Bryan also enjoys nurturing his creative side through digital art. This passion for artistic expression serves as a catalyst for his restoration projects, as he consistently aims to infuse them with fresh perspectives, creativity, and innovative approaches.
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Min Hong

Water technician and Construction Rebuild
Min brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the restoration industry, with over five years of hands-on experience in rebuilding projects.
Min enjoys working on various backyard projects. He finds great satisfaction in transforming outdoor spaces and creating a relaxing oasis. From planting new gardens to building a cozy fire pit, Min loves to take on projects that improve the functionality and aesthetics of his backyard.
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