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Home Restoration Tips for Canada’s Changing Climate

Home Restoration Tips for Canada’s Changing Climate
During any time of year, damages to properties require prompt home restoration! Of course, this is especially true in areas with climate extremes, where high winds or other natural disasters may cause additional damage to properties. And recently, it is becoming more important to also consider the evolving global climate system.
Thus, the most immediate question is, how will current weather factors and future climate change impact properties and the need for property restoration? This blog will discuss Canada’s Changing Climate report, released in 2019, and some of the ways climate change will affect homeowners and those who live in, or own property, in Canada.

Canada’s Changing Climate Report and How Weather Affects Property

In 2019, the Canadian government released Canada’s Changing Climate Report; it was produced by over 80 scientists from throughout Canada. Along with top scientists, the report also received input from health sector officials, civil society organizations, and the general public. One of the report’s primary goals was to raise awareness among Canadians about our changing environment. The report aims to show how the changing climate will likely affect our daily lives. From buying property, planning vacations, or even just having iced coffee outside on a hot summer day, the changing weather influences our lives.

How Does Canada’s Climate Change Affect Your Property?

The number of people who are directly affected by climate change is estimated to rise sharply over the coming decades. It’s expected that due to rising sea levels, changes in precipitation, more frequent severe weather events, and longer summers, up to 12 million Canadians could be directly affected by climate change-related natural disasters every year.
Unfortunately, people are already having to adapt to severe weather events being more common than they once were—for example, a major increase in floods and forest fires. Meanwhile, such emergencies cost governments billions of dollars in damages each year. This forces insurance companies to compensate homeowners for lost property or possessions, according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada. Then, these costs are often passed along directly to individual policyholders in the form of increased premiums, or indirectly to taxpayers.

Climate change across the world. Climate change can affect home restoration.

How Can You Prepare Your Property for Canada’s Changing Climate?

Canada’s Changing Climate Report warns that Canadians need to take climate change into account. From buying property, planning vacations, and making other decisions about their lives and livelihoods, the future climate needs to be considered. However, experts say there are things homeowners and business owners can do now to make their properties more adaptive:

  • Develop or update your “home emergency plan” to reflect the threat of more frequent and severe flooding, which is one of many possible impacts of climate change.
  • Consider installing a solar panel system so you can be self-sufficient during power outages.
  • Assess the location of your home or property—is it on higher ground? Is it near a stream or other body of water where flooding may be a concern? Is it near a forest, where the risk of fire may increase due to drought?
  • Consider your future needs—do you want to grow crops or raise animals for food? Consider all the possible effects of climate change on your land.
  • Familiarize yourself with natural hazards and risks in your area and make sure you know how to respond.
If you’re buying property in Canada, understanding what the future weather patterns are for your area is important to preserving its value. Academics suggest that climate change could have a significant effect on home prices over time.
Canada’s Changing Climate Report recommends homeowners pay attention to weather patterns when buying property. This will help with planning for future maintenance costs. An important consideration is whether your planned activities on the property might be impacted by changing weather conditions. For example, will the home need to be modified in the future?

The Future of Climate Change – Call PuroClean for Your Home Restoration Needs

The effects of climate change are more apparent every day. Homes and property owners can begin preparing for a changing climate by making needed changes to their existing properties. Changes include installing solar panels, updating a home emergency plan, or becoming familiar with natural hazards in your area. Taking these precautions is essential, but more serious damage could occur. In this event, don’t hesitate to call the restoration experts at PuroClean.
At PuroClean, we remain up-to-date on Canada’s changing climate, and the impact it has on home restoration. You can have full confidence knowing our crews are available to perform an array of property restoration services, including water and fire damage, mould remediation, and biohazard cleanup. Click here to learn more and schedule an appointment today. You can also reach us 24/7 by calling (877) 261-7876. We will connect you with your local PuroClean office today.