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5 Home Improvement Ideas for Winter

5 Home Improvement Ideas for Winter

Did you know that people, in general, spend 90% of their time indoors? And, when winter arrives, we naturally tend to spend even more time indoors. Thus, cold weather is almost always synonymous with staying in our cozy homes as much as possible. Although the winter may limit our activities, here are several practical winter home improvements for homeowners.

Winter home improvements

1. Sprucing up the kitchen

Without turning this into a complete makeover, homeowners can improve their kitchen’s looks and utility simply by changing the cabinets’ hardware (pulls and knobs). The cabinets can be repainted or sanded and stained if they look old and washed out. Also, the faucet and sink can be upgraded to give the kitchen an updated look. Those who feel adventurous can even replace their old backsplash tiles.

2. Organizing cluttered spaces

There’s always clutter somewhere in a home. Homeowners can start with the basement since that area is usually the most cluttered. Stuff can be organized into different bins or boxes: things to keep, throw away, donate or sell. Yet, tackling the entire house at once is not recommended, as that may discourage homeowners. Focusing on one area or closet at a time is ideal.

3. Repainting a room

A fresh coat of paint is an inexpensive way to liven up any home. Unless a homeowner has zero experience, painting a wall is a DIY kind of job. Here’s a pro tip: it’s best to choose a color that will brighten up the room during those cold winter days.

4. Upgrading hardware

Replacing hardware is a great way to give a home a facelift without spending too much. Although old doors can be replaced completely, sometimes it’s enough to purchase new doorknobs and hinges with more modern colors, such as aged bronze and brushed nickel.

5. Lighting it up

Another winter home improvement idea is to add a “wow” factor to a room. That can be done by installing a new light fixture, lamp or ceiling fan. But homeowners should also consider these tips for energy efficiency: installing LED lights and ceiling fans that push heat back down.

Whether it’s about adding more functionality to a home or spicing it up with some aesthetic changes, low-cost projects such as the ones above are easy to implement when it’s too cold to venture out. We wish anyone who’s reading this article “Happy Renovating”!