After a property fire, some actions must be taken immediately in order to mitigate the damages. First, it is important to check if the property is safe to enter. The recovery process must be discussed with the insurance agent. If it is decided to restore the property, a reputable disaster restoration company should be hired. We recommend the following guidelines after experiencing a property fire:

  • The restoration specialists, fire department, insurance agent or local building officials should determine whether the property is safe to enter. Fire-damaged items must not be touched, as soot and contaminated water (that was used to extinguish the fire) may pose health risks. If the utility services were turned off by the fire department for safety reasons, they must not be turned back on until advised to do so.
  • The insurance agent should be contacted to discuss what can be done to restore the property. The owner should ask for ways to secure the property and for recommendations of trustworthy restoration companies. If a home inventory is available, it must be presented to the agent. More about what to discuss with an insurance agent after a fire can be found here.
  • When hiring a fire restoration company, the property owner should make sure to receive an estimate of the cost before work is started. The agent can provide information about who will cover the costs. All receipts for expenses concerning the fire loss must be saved.
  • Homeowners should ask for help at local disaster relief services, such as public health departments or the Canadian Red Cross. They can provide a safe place to stay, food, clothes and other essential items. When deciding to start the recovery process, family members or friends should be asked for support.
  • If a homeowner must leave the house, the local police department should be informed. They can protect the property against burglaries. Openings must be boarded up and guarded by a temporary fence.
  • Pets may behave irrationally during and after a disaster and should be cared for. Their instincts may cause them to bite or scratch, so pet owners must be careful and gentle when handling them. Pets must not be allowed near fire-damaged contents.

Our fire safety checklist provides information on how to prevent fire accidents from occurring in homes. Heating equipment fire safety tips are available here. The PuroClean team is ready to provide professional restoration services to any property affected by fire, water or mould damage.

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