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Prevent Vehicle Fires with These Tips

Prevent Vehicle Fires with These Tips

According to the National Fire Information Database, there are thousands of vehicle fires in Canada each year. Thus, it’s very important to learn vehicle fire safety to reduce the chances of a car fire.

There’s rarely a single cause for any given car fire, but rather a combination of causes. There can be human causes, mechanical causes, and chemical causes, and they all work together to create an incredibly dangerous situation. Here’s how to prevent vehicle fires and how to escape one.

Vehicle Fire Safety

Here’s how to prevent a vehicle fire:

  • The car should be serviced regularly by a professional mechanic. A well-maintained car is less likely to catch fire.
  • The following car issues should be regularly checked: cracked or loose wiring or electrical problems (including a fuse that blows more than once), oil or fluid leaks, oil cap not on securely, rapid changes in fuel or fluid level, or engine temperature. Of course, any leak is bad news — they signify that something is wrong with a component.
  • A fire extinguisher should be kept in the car and all passengers must know how to use it. Keeping a car emergency kit is important, too.
  • Gasoline should be transported with extreme caution. Only a small amount of it should be carried. Also, it must be kept in a certified gas can that is sealed.
  • Gas cans and propane cylinders should never be transported in the passenger compartment.
  • Vehicles should never be parked where flammables, such as grass, are touching the catalytic converter.
  • Remember: defensive driving helps avoid vehicle fires.

How to safely escape a vehicle that caught fire:

  • The driver should pull over as quickly as possible. The signal should be used while going to a safe location off the road such as the shoulder or rest stop.
  • Once the car has stopped, the engine must be TURNED OFF.
  • Everyone should get out of the car. They must never return to the burning car for anything.
  • Every person should stay at least 30 meters from the burning car and well away from traffic.
  • 911 should be called ASAP.

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When a car fire happens, there is no more time for planning. Every driver should prepare as soon as possible. Fires, of course, can occur in homes and other properties like garages. In case of a property fire, PuroClean is ready to come to its rescue. Our technicians handle smoke cleaning quickly and efficiently following all industry standards and procedures.