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Post-Fire Restoration of Walls and Fixtures

Fire has always been a vital part of human life, but it has also been a destroyer of settlements and the environment. But not all property fires fully destroy structures, fixtures and contents. When the fire is stopped in time, a trained professional fire restoration company can help bring a home or business back to pre-fire condition.

Here are some of the steps involved in the process of restoring fire damage:

  • Safety must be ensured; technicians must wear respirators and the structure must be sound before entering it.
  • The structure must be ventilated by using air movers or box fans to evacuate products of incomplete combustion and other contaminants.
  • The fire restoration professionals evaluate the affected walls and wall coverings to determine whether they can be restored or must be replaced. Surfaces can be either cleaned-to-save (restored to their pre-loss condition) or cleaned-to-paint (cleaned, sealed and repainted).
  • Restorable surfaces that were exposed to fire, smoke or heat must be ‘pre-treated’ with a coat of oil before cleaning.
  • The appropriate cleaning product and mix ratio to use on each surface is determined.
  • Fixtures like sinks, tubs or toilets must be cleaned appropriately; items with a different finish, such as window frames and baseboards, are treated using different methods and products.
  • Odour removal is achieved after the smoke and soot residue from walls and ceilings is cleaned; if the odour persists, additional methods can be employed to remove it completely.

Time is of the essence when dealing with property fire damages, so it’s strongly recommended to contact restoration specialists, such as PuroClean, for fire remediation services.

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