preventing roof leaksOver time, roofs deteriorate due to exposure to the elements, making roof leaks a strong possibility. Unfortunately, roof leaks can cause water damage and mould growth if the leaks were not fixed in time. The good news is that homeowners can stop roof leak problems by following these tips:

Minimizing Interior Water Damage

  • As a short-term solution, a bucket should be placed under the leak to collect the water. If the water is splashing into the bucket and onto the floor, a piece of string can be pinned to the ceiling to let the water travel down the string into the bucket.
  • Any items that might get damaged by water such as furniture, electronics, and valuables should be moved to a dry area. Furniture that can’t be moved must be covered with plastic sheets.
  • Water leaks may cause paint on the ceiling to bubble or blister. In this case, homeowners can use a small pin to puncture a hole in the paint to release the water in the area.

Locating and Repairing the Leak

  • There are many causes of leaky roofs, such as old moisture barriers, deteriorated shingles or pipe flashing, missing flashing, caps or shingles, or clogged gutters and downspouts.
  • To find the source of the leak, the water path should be traced in the attic. Clear signs of leaks include water marks, stains, or discolourations on the wood made by moisture.
  • The point where the water is leaking into the interior does not always indicate the location of the roof crack. Water may travel down trusses and beams from the entry point on the roof until it enters a weak spot on the attic floor, causing a leak in the interior.
  • Keeping the roof and gutters in good condition year-round is essential. The roof must be inspected and the gutters and downspouts should be cleaned twice a year.

Repairing roof leaks often requires professional services so it’s best to hire a certified contractor. It’s also important to repair roof leaks quickly to prevent water damage and mould growth. The PuroClean team stands ready to provide professional restoration services to any property affected by fire, water or mould damage.

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