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How to Manage Severe Odours in Homes

Persistent odours in homes and properties can be bothersome to deal with. While some odours can be neutralized using odour removal products, others are not that easy to eliminate. Skunk spray, severe pet urine odour and odours associated with decomposition are some of the most upsetting when they affect homes or properties. Below are essential tips to manage severe indoor odours:

Removing Odours from Skunk Spray or Pet Urine

Those who want to tackle the job themselves should wear gloves and eye protection, as well as clothing that covers the whole body to protect the skin. Wearing an N-95 disposable respirator is also recommended to avoid inhaling biological contaminants. After being fully protected, it’s time to remove the sources of the odour:

  • On nonporous surfaces, such as metal or plastic, a mix of warm water and strong detergent should be used to remove pet urine and skunk spray. One thorough wash should be enough, but the surface must be rinsed with warm water after cleaning.
  • On porous surfaces, like carpet, particleboard, upholstery, etc., the materials can be cleaned as explained above. These surfaces are more difficult to clean, so if the task is too overwhelming, a professional restoration company should be hired to get the job done. Carpet and pad with excessive pet urine damage should usually be removed and discarded.
  • On semi-porous materials, such as wood, a solution of water and detergent can be used as explained above. To help neutralize the odour, the detergent should penetrate the material. However, if the wood is heavily damaged by urine or skunk spray, it will most likely need to be disposed of. Seeking assistance from a restoration company will improve the chances of restoring damaged semi-porous material.

How to Deal with an Odour Problem from Decomposition

If the issue involves a deceased person, professional assistance is strongly recommended. After the proper authorities have removed the body, cleaning and decontaminating the fluids come under Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. Professional restoration companies follow these regulations to safely decontaminate areas where decomposition took place.

In case the source of decomposition is a small animal, such as a rodent, the approach is similar to removing pet urine or skunk spray. Non-porous and semi-porous material should be cleaned and sanitized, and damaged absorbent material must be discarded. If the odour persists, the best way to remove it is to hire a restoration company that can implement the best course of action.

Cigarette smoke odours are also notoriously difficult to remove. Tips to get rid of cigarette smoke odours can be found here. The PuroClean team stands ready to provide professional restoration services to any property affected by fire, water or mould damage.