Boosting a home’s value, whether it’s on the market or not, usually consists of remodeling the kitchen or renovating the bathrooms. Although these are great ideas, there are other less expensive ways to spruce up a home:

  • Installing a sprinkler system. Not everyone wants a yard filled with many trees and plants that require considerable effort to maintain. However, green grass is always nice to have and can be easily maintained with an automatic sprinkler system.
  • Maintaining the yard. If there are trees, bushes and other plants in the garden, they should be kept in great shape throughout the year. Unkempt bushes and loose tree branches not only make a yard look bad, but also pose safety risks. Overgrown landscaping can promote mould, block views and decrease a home’s curb appeal.
  • Investing in built-in speakers. Another way to increase a home’s value is to install speakers in every room, so that the sound in the whole house can be controlled with one remote. Having surround sound in rooms with a TV, such as living room, is also a great way to increase the appeal of the home.
  • Installing an overhang, such as portico or awning, above the front door, to provide protection from rain, sun or snow. Another option is to have a deck built around the front door to extend the living space into the yard.
  • Installing a water purifier in the kitchen. A water filtration system eliminates contaminants from the tap water, allowing property owners to use it safely. This investment will pay for itself in the long run, as property owners won’t need to buy bottled water anymore.
  • Giving appliances an inexpensive makeover. If the kitchen appliances don’t match, a good idea is to order new doors or face panels for them. A cohesive look in your kitchen will go a long way to increase the home’s value.

Fresh indoor air also plays a major role in increasing a home’s value. Tips on how to keep indoor air fresh can be found here. The PuroClean team stands ready to provide professional restoration services to any property affected by fire, water or mould damage.

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