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Furnace Maintenance Tips for the Cold Season

During winter, it’s important to have a properly functioning furnace in order to prevent fire accidents and reduce the energy bill. A furnace should be inspected and maintained both before and during the cold season. Below are several ways to maintain a furnace for winter:

  • The furnace should be serviced before the cold season begins. A professional can be hired to inspect and determine what needs to be repaired or replaced in the heating system to ensure the furnace works properly.
  • It is recommended to replace the air filter every month or so, depending on the manufacturer’s specifications. Furnace filters should be kept clean to prevent air contamination in the home and other hazards. If the furnace has a flat filter, it should be upgraded to a HEPA, electrostatic or pleated filter.
  • The air vents and ducts must be checked and cleaned. A vacuum can be used to remove the dust in the air vents and ducts. However, a professional should be hired to do the job safely and thoroughly. Clean ducts help prevent health problems and improve furnace efficiency.
  • The exhaust vent should be inspected and any obstructions that may block the airflow, such as rodent nests or snow, must be removed. Clogged-up vents may cause furnace malfunctions and safety issues, too.
  • The blower belt and blower motor must be checked. The blower belt should not be loose or cracked and must be replaced if any problem is found.  The blower motor should be oiled once a year.
  • Manual thermostats should be replaced with a set-back type, which can automatically turn down the temperature when the residents are asleep or away, reducing energy consumption.
  • Flammable items around the furnace must be removed. Some items can catch fire when they’re placed near a gas burning device, such as a furnace. 
  • The heating vents must be kept clear of obstructions. Any furniture or other objects that may block the vents must be moved to allow the air to circulate in the home and prevent fires from occurring.

These maintenance typically don’t take more than a few hours to complete. It’s recommended that a professional is hired to safely perform these tasks if the homeowner is not experienced with this type of work. The PuroClean team is ready to provide professional restoration services to any property affected by fire, water or mould damage.