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Fire Safety for Portable Ethanol Fireplaces

Portable ethanol fireplaces have increased in popularity because they don’t release toxic fumes and are generally safe and easy to use. However, if handled poorly, a portable fireplace can cause serious personal injuries, possible fire damage to homes, or even a major house fire.

Here are some essential tips on how to safely operate portable fireplaces:

  • Children should never be allowed to handle the device and/or fuel. When lit, children and pets should be kept at a safe distance from the fireplace.
  • The portable device should be placed on a sturdy surface and flammable objects must be kept at least 4 feet away.
  • Only ethanol fuel made specifically for portable fireplaces should ever be used. Unlike common alcohols, approved bioethanol emits non-toxic gasses when burned.
  • Before lighting the fireplace, any fuel spillage should be cleaned up and all liquid must be allowed to fully evaporate.
  • To reduce the risk of injury, the fire should only be started using long matches or a utility lighter.
  • The fireplace must never be refuelled while it’s lit. The device should be allowed to cool down for at least 15 minutes before refueling.
  • The device must be allowed to cool down after use and must never be moved while it is burning or hot.
  • A lit fireplace must never be left unsupervised. The flames should always be put out before going to sleep, exiting the room or leaving the house.

Following a basic set of rules such as these will help homeowners enjoy their fireplaces more and feel safer around them.

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