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Fire Safety Checklist for Babysitters

Fire Safety Checklist for Babysitters

When entrusting a child’s safety to a caretaker such as a babysitter, parents want to feel secure. For example, if a fire occurs, babysitters should be prepared to handle the situation safely. So, before parents allow babysitters to watch their children, the caretakers must know about fire safety. Here’s what parents should know or communicate with their babysitters.

Fire Safety Tips for Babysitters

  • Only hiring someone who has babysitter training is best. Many schools and hospitals offer babysitter classes, which can be online or in the classroom. Classes teach how to care for children, how to give first aid treatment, how to do CPR, and what to do in an emergency.
  • Talking to the sitter about the home escape plan is wise. The plan should include two ways out of every room, an outdoor meeting place, the fire department or emergency phone number, and how to unlock all doors and windows.
  • The babysitter must know how to react in case the smoke alarm sounds. He/she should exit the house at once with the child(ren) and get to safety. If smoke is in the way, they should take the second way. If smoke has engulfed the home, they should stay low and crawl under the smoke.
  • The sitter must know the home’s address, as well as cross streets and landmarks. They should also have the parents’ phone number and the number of a relative or close friend as a backup.
  • If the sitter is allowed to cook, they should follow safety rules. When cooking, the babysitter should keep the child three or more feet away from the stove or microwave oven; always attend to stovetops; keep flammable items away from the stovetop, and keep pets away from the stovetop and countertops.
  • If the children have a high chance of not waking up when the smoke alarm sounds, the babysitter should know that. They should also know how to help the children to escape safely.
  • The babysitter should know not to use candles as these might pose a fire risk. Also, matches and lighters must be stored out of children’s reach.
  • If space heaters are used, the babysitter should keep the child three or more feet away from the radiators.
  • The sitter must know where parents keep their emergency supplies, such as first-aid kit, fire extinguisher, and flashlights.
  • While the babysitter must know how to react in case of emergencies, parents should teach their children safety preparedness as well. Here’s how to prepare kids for emergencies.

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