October is Fire Prevention Safety Month and we would like to use this opportunity to discuss different ways that we can all easily reduce the risks of fires. There are several things that any homeowner, renter, or property manager can do to help prevent fires from occurring in their spaces. Experts recommend that you take a walk through your home every month and do the following:

Keep Your Home and Family Safe By Following These Fire Prevention Safety Guidelines

  • Test your property’s smoke and carbon monoxide alarms monthly to ensure they are still in working order. Replace dead batteries at least twice per year. If your smoke alarms are more than ten years old, replace them immediately.
  • Replace all expired fire extinguishers. If your fire extinguishers are opened or used already, test them monthly to ensure they are charged and working correctly.
  • Keep space heaters away from curtains, furniture, or any other materials that could easily combust.
  • Be aware of any fraying that is occurring on extension cords, plugs, and wires. If you see that these cords are damaged, DO NOT USE THEM. Replace them immediately.
  • Never put fabric softener sheets or dryer sheets in with ordinary garbage. These can be very flammable.
  • If you use candles, gently blow them out or extinguish the flames with a moist paper towel.
  • Routinely clean out dryer vents, so lint does not build up. If your dryer is not performing optimally, have a professional come and inspect it.
  • Turn off those power-draining devices, such as appliances and lamps, and unplug them before cleaning them.
  • Be sure to turn off hair curling irons, hair dryers, personal heaters, and other heating devices. Gently unplug it, if possible, to avoid damaging the cord.
  • Clean out ovens and stovetops regularly. Leftover grease, crumbs, or food can catch on fire. Never leave one unsupervised if it is on.
  • Never wear loose clothing when around an open flame or when cooking. Loose fabric is very prone to catching on fire.

Contact Your Local PuroClean Canada Office For Fire and Smoke Odour Mitigation Services

If a fire strikes, your only priority should be the safety of you and everyone else involved. You can worry about rebuilding and restoring the contents that you lost once your well-being is ensured. When you require restoration services that empathetically understand the severity of the situation, call your local PuroClean Canada office.