Musty-smelling carpets are always an unwelcome sight (and smell) in any property. Not only do they make homes smell unpleasant, but they also pollute indoor air with mould spores. But here’s some good news. Unless the home has been severely flooded, getting rid of musty odours from carpets is relatively simple. Here are key tips to neutralize mould odours from carpets:

  1. A musty odour indicates a water problem, thus the carpet must have been moist or wet before it became musty. The water/moisture source must be fixed, and then the area should be dried completely. That can be done by opening windows and using dehumidifiers and fans if necessary. If the home was recently flooded, a professional restoration company should be hired.
  2. Once the water problem is fixed and the carpet is dry, the carpet should be vacuumed to remove dust and help the odour dissipate faster. Using a large vacuum cleaner to remove more dust is recommended.
  3. The carpet should be treated with a mixture of one cup of white vinegar and two cups of warm water. A spray bottle can be used to gently mist over the carpet. However, it must not be oversaturated, as that may increase moisture that can lead to mould growth.
  4. A copious amount of baking soda – which is an amazing odour neutralizer – should be sprinkled on the carpet. Baking soda is safe for people and pets and does not damage the carpet.
  5. After at least two hours or a whole night, during which the vinegar solution and baking soda do their magic, the carpet should be vacuumed thoroughly.
  6. Another way to remove musty smells from carpets is to use hydrogen peroxide. A mix of five parts water and one part hydrogen peroxide can be sprayed to the back of the carpet using a spray bottle. This will help neutralize the mould spores and odour.
  7. Alternatively, a foam carpet shampoo can be used. First, the carpet should be vacuumed, then the shampoo can be applied using a sponge. This ensures the carpet is not oversaturated. Finally, the carpet should be left to dry, and then vacuumed.
  8. If the odour persists, the process can be repeated using any of the above methods.

If none of these efforts were successful, a professional restoration company such as PuroClean, can get any carpet cleaned in no time. PuroClean provides advanced carpet cleaning, water removal, and mould restoration services to get any home smelling fresh again.