To prevent accidents when grilling, we recommend following these safety guidelines:

  1. 1. The grill must be kept at least 3 meters away from structures, such as the garage or porch, and out from under tree branches and eaves. The farther away from structures, the lower the risk of fire.
  2. 2. The grill should be maintained by cleaning the grease or fat buildup after every usage. Doing so not only decreases the risk of fire, but also helps the food cook better.
  3. 3. Gas (propane) leak checks must be made regularly. One way to check for leaks is to make a solution with one part water and one part dish soap and apply it to the line that connects the grill to the gas tank. If bubbles appear on the line when the gas is turned on, the grill must be serviced immediately.
  4. 4. Water and a fire extinguisher ought to be kept handy. Since grilling involves fire, there is always a risk for minor flare-ups, so having something to extinguish the fire with is recommended.
  5. 5. The coals from the grill should be left to cool off and then placed in a metal can after grilling.
  6. 6. Small children and pets should never be allowed to come close to the grilling area.
  7. 7. The gas must never be turned on with the lid closed. If there is any gas trapped under the lid, it will instantly turn into a fireball that can cause serious burn injuries.
  8. 8. The grill should never be left unattended. In case the grill catches fire, an adult should be around to extinguish it quickly. Fires can double in size every minute.
  9. 9. Propane and charcoal grills must never be used indoors. Besides the fire hazard, there is a serious risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  10. 10. Never barbeque too much food at once. Although it seems time-efficient, cooking too much food at once can cause excess fat to drip down onto the grill flames, potentially causing a small fire.

Barbecue enthusiasts are advised to always be vigilant when grilling. A small mistake can lead to a major injury or property disaster. 

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