how to hire a restoration companyAfter a disaster, such as a flood or fire, it can be difficult to find the right restoration company that can get your property back to normal. Timing is critical; it’s important to not just hire a restoration contractor, but to hire the right restoration contractor. Finding the best local restoration company requires checking for reviews and ratings online, asking the right people, and also learning key information from the company itself. Here is what to ask restoration companies to help decide who to hire:

1. Is your company licensed and bonded?

Contractors and companies in the restoration industry have to be registered with the province in Canada. As a result, if any legal issues arise with them, they will be dealt with. They should be able to show the license in person, as well.

2. Do your technicians have the necessary certifications?

Additionally, restoration technicians should be properly trained and certified by the I.I.C.R.C. (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification). The I.I.C.R.C. provides professional certifications in the restoration industry. It also allows its registrants to earn continuing education credits to maintain their certification.

3. Is your company insured?

During the restoration process, contractors do their best to avoid causing accidental structural damage. However, if this happens, the client is not responsible. The restoration company’s insurance should cover the repair costs. This is why they must have both general liability and worker’s compensation insurance coverage.

4. Are your technicians available at all times?

Reputable restoration companies should answer calls at any hour of any day. Restoration companies should be able to send technicians to inspect and contain disaster situations as quickly as possible, usually within a couple of hours of the disaster.

5. Do you give any guarantees?

In truth, it is difficult to guarantee something that is almost impossible to predict; as an example, a water-damaged area won’t grow mould once it’s been restored. However, a reputable restoration company should guarantee that the cause of loss has been adequately repaired.

6. What restoration experience do you have?

It would be advantageous to determine the restoration firm’s level of experience, prior to hiring them to complete work in your property.  You can determine this by asking for references or viewing online reviews and ratings from past customers. These sources will be able to provide insight on the quality of workmanship provided by that restoration firm. 

7. How long will the restoration project take?

It is important to dry affected areas within 3 to 5 days after any type of water damage.Failing to do so will likely increase the amount of damages and cost for repair. Keep in mind, time is of the essence, so the contractor must be aware of this and set the appropriate time limit for project completion.

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