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Waynesville woman started restoration services business


Though restoration services may not sound like the most interesting business at first glance, Becky Edgren of Waynesville was drawn to the model because she said she wanted to be part of a service industry.

“I discovered I really had a passion for helping people, particularly in their time of need,” she said.

What the business does: The business offers 24/7 emergency clean up services.

“We help businesses and individuals overcome devastating damage from flood, fire and mould and help put them at ease during distressing situations,” Edgren said.

The majority of their work is through insurance companies but Edgren said they do some work through individuals as well. “We get calls from general contractors and even from Realtors who are in a hurry to close on a sale and need some type of clean-up work done,” she said.

Edgren’s technicians are trained to work with customers in very distressing situations. A recent customer was calmed when he found out the technician on site was also a war veteran.

“The technician ended up sitting and talking with the man for almost an hour, just sharing stories about serving in the military. The man called his insurance agency to tell them how much he appreciated having someone there who cared about him,” she said.

How the business got started: Edgren was part owner of her family owned and operated tooling and machinery company that her father started in 1947. But in 2007, she decided she was ready for a change.

The dedication to customer service and community has helped Edgren grow her business. Today the main office is located on Stanley Avenue in Dayton and the satellite office is in Waynesville. Calls are taken 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“We are on site within two hours of taking a call,” Edgren said. “If it’s a water situation, it’s handled immediately and if it’s smoke and water, we deal with the water first and then the smoke. We are a family owned business and if someone calls, chances are they will be speaking with one of us.”

That includes her husband Roy, who is an electrical engineer and her three daughters, all involved in the business.

“Everyone in the extended family, including all of the younger children, knows that family activities might be interrupted by emergencies,” Edgren said. “It’s because we have to go and help someone in need. That’s just part of what we do.”

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