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Property Damage Restoration Franchise, PuroClean, Mobilizes to Help With Post-Sandy Recovery


TAMARAC, Fla., Nov. 8, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PuroClean, Inc., a national property emergency restoration company and member of the American Red Cross Disaster Responder (DR) Program, has dispatched hundreds of technicians from across the country to assist in post-Sandy recovery efforts.

Approximately one-third of the nearly 300-unit franchise is working to help restore homes and businesses battered by the super-storm. Franchise owners and property rescue technicians have driven from as far as Missouri, Texas, and Georgia to help fellow PuroClean owners in the Northeast service the heavy volume of cleanup work throughout New Jersey and New York; they are working around the clock to clean up and dry out homes and businesses.

"PuroClean crews are diligently making their way throughout the Northeast, working day and night to help residents regain a sense of normalcy in the wake of super-storm Sandy and the nor'easter," said Lauren Reid, CEO of PuroClean. "We're working closely with insurance professionals, businesses and community leaders to identify the areas where the recovery process is ready to begin; time is of the essence, and that is why PuroClean technicians from across the country have converged in the region to expedite clean-up efforts."

To help accelerate post-Sandy recovery and avoid matters from getting worse, Reid offers homeowners and business owners the following advice:

  • Safety is always first – Stay out of any rooms where the ceiling is sagging from trapped water. Throw out all food in open containers and boxes that have been touched by flood waters. Canned goods, medicines and cosmetics in sealed containers can be cleaned, rinsed off and used, if the container was not damaged. Do not take pets into a flooded area and never let them drink standing flood water.
  • Get the water out – The longer standing water sits in a property, the worse the damage becomes. If a restoration professional cannot be on site quickly, use any means possible, aside from a household vacuum, to remove excess water. Discard any upholstered furniture, carpeting and other porous materials that have been touched by floodwaters. They are not salvageable.
  • Document everything – Take pictures of all areas of the property, even if you don't believe an area has been damaged; keep all receipts from hotel stays, home repair materials, etc. This will help expedite the claims process.
  • Be persistent with your insurance agent – Don't expect them to call you; conduct regular updates regarding your situation and recovery process via phone and in writing so you can expedite your reimbursement.
  • Be sure to work with professional, trained restoration companies – Reputable businesses can be identified by branded vehicles, uniforms, and equipment and will provide estimates for any proposed work.

Each year, PuroClean performs more than 50,000 jobs throughout the U.S. by providing restoration services from common household mishaps to large scale disasters. PuroClean currently has a comprehensive network of approximately 300 franchise offices around the US offering emergency clean up, restoration and repair services including fire and smoke damage, water damage, flood water removal, and mould and mildew removal.

About PuroClean

PuroClean is a property damage restoration company that offers emergency clean up, restoration, and repair services including fire and smoke damage restoration, water damage restoration, flood water removal, and mould and mildew removal. PuroClean has earned the trust of property owners, insurance professionals and home service providers throughout the United States and Canada since 2001. Backed by a comprehensive network of nearly 300 franchise offices and a national training and business support centre, each PuroClean office responds promptly to property emergencies, demonstrating a high degree of professionalism and compassion. PuroClean certified technicians are thoroughly screened, insured and trained in utilizing the latest in mitigation technology and procedures throughout the remediation process while operating under a strict code of ethics. In addition to serving the needs of property owners, PuroClean offers hundreds of continuing education classes each year to insurance professionals and property service providers nationwide. In 2011, PuroClean trained over 10,089 insurance professionals nationwide, helping them earn their continuing education credits. For more information on PuroClean, please contact 800-775-PURO or visit

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