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Kindergarten Class Grocery Shops To Give Back

Class Donates Hand-Picked Food To Needy

POSTED: 5:47 pm EST December 16, 2010
UPDATED: 7:07 pm EST December 16, 2010



HINESBURG, Vt. — Alyssa Lasher's kindergarten class left their classroom and took a trip to the grocery store to pick out food to donate to their local food shelf this holiday.


Thanks to a donation by parent Darrel Depot's company, Puro Clean, the class took the trip to the grocery store for the second year in a row, picking out $400 worth of food.


"We still get to give to the food shelf but now we get to involve the kids, which was really important," Depot said.


The kids split up into teams, armed with grocery lists and some help to reach the higher shelves.


Their teacher, Alyssa Lasher, explained to them ahead of time where the food would go.


"They would say something like, 'We're going to get the kids the juice boxes we like,'" Lasher said.


In the end, the kids got to personally load the food into a Hinesburg Food Shelf volunteer's car, learning how the entire process works.