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Flood Crews Swamped With Business

HEBRON, Ky. – Record breaking rainfalls have put Tri-state flood crews in a frenzy, and as the rain continues, crews are preparing for more work.


Flood crews from Hebron's PuroClean Property Rescue say they've had nearly 100 calls for service in the last 10 days. 


Project manager Danny Bowman says his list of clients is pages long, and all 400 pieces of equipment are being used at jobs across the Tri-state.


Bowman says he's been working 18-hour days for the last week and relies on coffee and energy drinks to get from one job to the next.


PuroClean manager Shane Heilman says because call volume is so high, customers should call as early as possible and get their names on the list.  He says the sooner they get the call, the quicker they can get out to the job and possibly save the property owner money.


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