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Hardwood Floor Restoration Project Completed Following Devastating Floods: Part 2

Hardwood Floor Restoration Project Completed Following Devastating Floods: Part 2

When the Tulameen River in Princeton, British Columbia overflowed in November, it caused floodwaters to take over the town, leaving many properties damaged. We’ve had the privilege of assisting families since just after the floods, helping them get their homes back and restoring the properties to pre-loss conditions. Through all the difficulties and hard work involved, a highlight for us (and the client) was the discovery of one home’s original, centuries-old hardwood flooring. In part one of our story, we discovered the amazing 116-year-old floors during water remediation work; check it out here. Then, continue reading to see how we completed the hardwood floor restoration.

PuroClean Shines in 116-year-old Hardwood Floor Restoration

After so much loss, the discovery was truly an unexpected bright spot for all involved. Once we knew they were there, it became our goal to get them looking as good as possible. Our team worked hard to mitigate the water and address any water damage. We also teamed up with the incredible people at Mr. Sandless Kelowna, who did a phenomenal job with the hardwood floor restoration.

When it was time for the floor restoration, we took a closer look and discovered that the hardwood floors were, in fact, softwood, typically made from evergreen trees. In this case, we believe they were most likely made from fir. Although they’re similar in appearance, softwood marks much easier than hardwood. Because of this, we took extra care when we finally brought the furniture and appliances back into the home. Bringing the upright piano in was the hardest task; eventually, we rolled it across the floor on sets of plywood. We had to get creative and come up with a way to get it in without scratching the restored floors!

We didn’t have a hard deadline to complete this special project, but the homeowner wanted to be back home by February. She was forced to leave her home during the job and stayed with family two hours north of Princeton. Although she enjoyed the extra time with relatives, she was ready to return to her independence and home. It was an incredible feeling helping her finally move back in on 18 February.

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Floodwaters have the potential to wreak havoc on homes and businesses. At PuroClean of Kelowna, we understand the destruction that floods can cause and the overwhelming feelings they create. We are available 24/7 to assist you with your water damage needs. Our crew can help you mitigate the water damage and restore your property to pre-loss condition. Give us a call at (250) 980-2353.