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Water from outside the home will bring contaminants into the home. If it is floodwater from storms, river flooding, hurricanes, etc. then it is grossly contaminated and potentially very dangerous. That applies to sewer backups also, obviously. “Clean water” losses inside a home, from leaky/broken pipes or hoses pose little risk when it happens. However, if it is not promptly and properly remediated and dried then the water will degrade over time, depending on the temperature – the warmer the faster it degrades. In a few days, there were significant bacteria growth and contamination. Some moulds can begin to grow as soon as 24 hours (again, the temperature is a variable) and within a few days, there can be hundreds of varieties of moulds flourishing inside your home. Whenever you have any water loss it is recommended you call the professionals at PuroClean to help you assess the full extent of the damage and to provide professional and professional assistance in remediation, sanitization, and drying.