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There are three basic “types” of water damage, based on the level of contamination. 1-Clean Water: from a damaged pipe or hose. If this is removed and the home dried very quickly and well – most materials can be saved. 2-Grey water: this is from an overflowing washing machine or dishwasher or sump-pump failure. If this is removed immediately and the home dried quickly – most materials can be saved, but not pad under carpet. 3-Black Water: sewage and all flooding where the water comes into the home from the outside. This water is grossly contaminated. No porous materials damaged by such water can be saved. Such a loss may involve some demolition of drywall that has been contaminated. The more contamination, the more you should consider calling professionals such as PuroClean. Every situation is different! For the best, specific advice, please call your local PuroClean as soon as the damage is discovered.