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The FIRST step in mould remediation is to determine the source of the moisture that is allowing the mould to grow. If you do not fix the source then the mould will almost certainly return – and often very quickly. The actual cleaning of a small amount of mould should be done carefully. 1. you should wear gloves; 2. you should wear eye protection (glasses normally meet this need; 3. it is recommended you use a paper respirator such as an N-95, or an N-100 (available at reasonable prices from Home Depot or any hardware store.) Use a detergent to clean and remove the mould. Once it is off the material – it is DEAD. Since there is moisture you may want to use a combination cleaner/disinfectant that you can buy in every grocery store – in the cleaning section. Look for the word “disinfectant.” Professionals do NOT recommend using bleach! The other products described will do just as good a job as bleach, without any of the inherent safety issues involved in using bleach (corrosive to metals, damages the skin, very damaging to eyes, presents breathing concerns, etc.) If you have any concerns call PuroClean to provide professional assistance.