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How to Choose Between Exterior and Interior French Drains

As basements are located below the ground’s surface, they are the most flood-prone areas of any home. That’s why installing exterior or interior French drains (aka drain tiles) is very important.

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water damaged book

How to Restore Photos, Books and Documents that Have Been Flooded

Property flooding puts documents and books at great risk. Both the water and humidity can cause permanent deterioration to paper.

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basement flood

What to Do when the Basement Has Flooded

Flooded basements occur often and are difficult to handle, but we’re here to help. Floods in these areas occur most

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Sewage Flood Cleanup: DIY vs Professional Services

Sewage flooding is a critical problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

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bathroom water damage

Bathroom Water Damage Prevention Tips Everyone Should Know

As bathrooms use a lot of water, some of it could end up on walls and floors, leading to water damage.

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flu prevention at work

Tips to Stay Safe from the Flu at the Workplace

Influenza, or the flu, affects many Canadians each year. A significant number of those affected end up in the hospital and even pass away from flu-related illnesses.

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